Investment projects for coal-fired power plants  


The concept of this investment is not for profit-seeking alone, there are many other concepts of profit, both directly and indirectly, which provide subsequent advantages, bringing prosperity to the king. The local government, as well as many other national economic and political issues. With the presence of a $ 1,000,000 registered capital project on its business plan over the course of 50 years.


Construction sand project


The project area is located in the village of Rokaoyei, Kangmeas district, Kampong Cham province, located north of Kangmeang district. Furthermore, the distance from Phnom Penh is 52.5 km from Phnom Penh (straight line) about 21.45 km from the provincial capital of Kampong Cham.

The 20-hectare sand mining project has a five-year business plan, with a total of 540,000 cubic meters of extraction activity. Concerning sand mining business, the company will exploit sand at a depth of between 2 meters and 3 meters, starting from the bottom of the Tonle Sap Lake in the dry season not exceeding 7 meters.                            

Gravel and Sand Construction Project  


Kuwen Ming Liang Enterprise is a company established in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and has permanent residence in Russey Chor village, Thma Khear commune, Chey Borei district, Kratie province, located in the Mekong region, Russey Chor village, Chetra Borey, Kratie Province. The company is a private limited liability company, which received a notice from Ministry of Mines and Energy No. 007, Commercial Bank, dated June 2, 2015. Chairman of the Board of Directors and Owner of MFI is Mr. Meng Heang. The company has requested to invest in a 20-hectare stone and sand construction business located in the Mekong region, Russey Chor village, Thmar Ket commune, Chey Borei district, Kratie province. Investigating the potential of investment and contributing to the development of the mining sector as well as increasing Cambodia's economic status by paying taxes, providing employment opportunities for local people and supplying gravel and sand products on the market. Local.  


Construction sand project


The project area is located in Georgetown, Koh Morn, Kampong Siem District, Kampong Cham province, located at 4.5 km below the Kizuna Bridge and located on the east side of Friendship Island. In addition, the distance projected from Phnom Penh is about 72.5 km from Phnom Penh (straight line) around 4.5 km from the provincial capital of Kampong Cham.  

Sugarcane production project is planned


The first environmental and societal study on the establishment of a Sugar Sugar Processing Plant by KOH KONG SUGAR INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED. In requesting concessions from the Royal Government for sugar cane development and establishment of sugar cane factory, the Company received legal documents relating to companies from the Royal Government of Cambodia pursuant to a contract dated August 2, 2006, on investment in agro- Industry (sugarcane) and construction of sugar processing plant (sugar cane) between the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries And Koh Kong Sugar Industries Company Limited.    

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