Investment projects for coal-fired power plants  


The concept of this investment is not for profit-seeking alone, there are many other concepts of profit, both directly and indirectly, which provide subsequent advantages, bringing prosperity to the king. The local government, as well as many other national economic and political issues. With the presence of a $ 1,000,000 registered capital project on its business plan over the course of 50 years.
In its concept of investment, the company sees many benefits that focus on the local people and the community as a whole through community development. In addition, the concept of the project's investment focuses on: Social Funding, Education, Enhancing Living Standards, Creating Employment Opportunities for Local People, Revenue Fund for Countries, and Local Development Of the project. Starting from the investment activities of the project, the benefits of the investment are:
- Create job opportunities and reduce migration of people in local areas by recruiting workers to participate in the project process and other areas.
- Enhancing the livelihoods of the local people through the provision of public health education programs, funding for the construction of wells and participating in educational programs by providing financial support and materials for students in local communities.
- Increasing the development of local communities in and around the project area by repairing bridges to facilitate travel to local businesses.
Based on the sub-decree on Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of the Ministry of Environment, this proposal is in the category of environmental and social impact assessments.
- Project type: Various industries
- Category: Power plants up to 5 megawatts
For project concept, the project is to build a 4 × 135 MW coal-fired power plant, which is divided into two main stages in which the first phase of the project will be constructed with only 2 × 135 MW Only. For the second phase, there is an additional build of 2 × 135 MW of cable. At the same time, the environmental impact assessment study is only at its initial stage, which is evaluated on the project's four main stages: phase of project design, stage of construction phase of implementation, and Stage of project completion.