Dey Krahorm Project  


Cambodia Cement Plc. CAMBODIA CEMENT CHAKREY TING CO., LTD is headquartered in # 60 E0, Street 228, Sangkat Chaktomuk, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh. The company is a private limited liability company that receives the Certificate of Registration of the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia, Inv. 1097 E / 2006 BNI dated 13 July 2012.
The reason why the 35,63-hectare redemption project is located in Koung Choung village, Khum Thmei, Teuk Chhou district, Kampot province, according to Cambodia's economic growth, political stability, construction, civil construction and telecommunications. On the other hand, to contribute to increasing Cambodia's economic level by paying taxes, reducing import of cement products as well as fulfilling the demand of cement production line of Cambodia Cement Co Ltd.
According to the Arc GIS mapping program, the project area to National Road 03 is about 4 km away and about 13 km from the provincial town. The project site is located at Pchao Chit Chingyang, about 4,500 meters long, at the right hand of Chret Chingy village of Preak Thnong commune and to the left of Trapeang Chab village of New Commune. After passing the two villages, the project site was located in Kou Kheng village of the new commune.
The production line of Dey Krahorm has 3 stages: 1. The top layer of the upper layer 2. Debris mining and 3. Transportation activities. Below is a detailed description of each stage:
- Reconstruction of land
The first activity is to use one of the excavators to break the upper layer of the top layer. The substrate breaks down at a depth of 0.5 to 1 meter, depending on the geological realities.
Deer mining activities
The project of digging the red soil at a depth of only 1 meter to 3 meters. The excavation operation is based on the geologic methodology, which is based on the geographical location of the mine.
- Transportation activities
Three planes for transporting red soil from project area to factory area. The total length of the transport distance is 6.5 km and applies only during the day.
According to estimates, the red soil in the project area is 70,4000 cubic meters (in average). The amount of red pepper extraction may be 48,000 cubic meters per year. So, the length of the Dyke business plan is 30 years. However, the quantities of red soil may vary with the demand of cement factories (Cement Cambodia Chrysanthemum), if the sales market is increasing or decreasing. The labor force for the digging process is seven people, all of whom are Khmer.
Workers who work in the project are required to have experience in ordering a vehicle or being trained in advance before being allowed to work in the company to ensure the efficiency and safety of the work.