Development investment projects on agro-industrial rubber crops


KAUSU EAH'LEO BM JOINT STOCK Co., LTD is headquartered at No. 118B, Russian Blvd, Sangkat Teuk Laak 1, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia, and its chairman, LE VAN THUAN Vietnamese. The company has about 1,733 hectares of land for 50 years, located in Thmor Leu village, Seda district, Lumphat district, Rattanakiri province. To reach the project site, we have to travel from Banlung via National Road 78 in the direction of Borkeo Township and continue from Borkeo District, about 4 km. Turn right into the trail (now repairing the gravel), about 14 km, then turn left, about 15.5 km to the company headquarters (measured by Google Earth).
The presence of the project may also have an impact on the natural environment and ecosystems requiring the project owner to conduct a preliminary environmental impact assessment in order to find out possible project impacts. Physical resources, biological resources, and economic and social resources both positively and negatively to rediscover Preventive measures to reduce or avoid if severe cases.
The scope of study was prepared by the Task Force in the projected area of ​​8,400 hectares, although the project could run only 1,733 hectares of cultivated land. Such a definition is for the convenience of studying social-economic resources in the project areas. The study focuses solely on the development of a single company, without the addition of other projects.
Physical resource studies focus on learning curricula such as soil resources (geographical location, geography, classification, classification, gradient and soil quality), climate (temperatures, rainfall patterns, wind speed, humidity levels, and evaporation) The quality of the sound vibration (groundwater quality, groundwater quality and waterway systems) A study of local resources such as forestry, wildlife, and estimating the economic value of forests for people's livelihoods. The study of socio-economic resources in the project area, Studies have focused on demographics, employment and income, land use in the use of water, infrastructure Energy consumption, education, health and wellbeing, traditional customs and culture, tourism, security and order and waste management etc. And in environmental and social impact assessments, it will be based on a number of methods such as collection Existing information, direct interview with institutions, authorities, and so on Citizenship that is relevant and practical observation and experiment on water quality, soil, noise and air quality.
In order to promote smooth and sustainable investment, owners must apply and comply with the Constitution, laws and sub-decrees of the Kingdom of Cambodia, including: 1. Law on environmental protection and management; Natural Resources (1996) 2) Law on Protected Areas (2008) 3) Forestry Law (2002) 4) Law Fisheries Law (2006) 5. Law on Water Resources Management in the Kingdom of Cambodia (2007) 6. Law on the Amendment to the Investment Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia (2003) 7. Land Law (2001) 8.) Law on Public Financial System (2008) 9. Law on Biosafety (2008) 10. Law on the Management of Pesticides and Fertilizers (2011) 11. Law on the Management of Uncle Ho 12. The Labor Law 1997. 13. The Royal Decree on the Establishment of the Protected Areas (1993) 14. The Sub-decree on Environmental Impact Assessment Process (1999) 15.) Sub-Decree on Solid Waste Management (1999) 16.) Inter-Ministerial Prakas on Environment of Solid Waste Management in Municipalities of the Kingdom of Cambodia (2003) 17. Sub-decree on controlling water pollution (1999) 18. Sub-decree on monitoring of air pollution and noise disturbance (2000) 19.) Sub-decree on social land concessions (2003) 20.) Sub-decree on State Land Management Year (2005) 21.) Sub-decree on Economic Land Concessions in 2005 and Sub-decree on the Sub-Decree on the Concession of Land Concessions (2008) 22. The Royal Government's Ordinance No. 001 dated May 7, 2012 on measures to strengthen and improve the effectiveness of economic land concessions.