Construction Stone Project


ISIS Office is located at # 158, Street 315, Sangkat Boeung Kok II, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, whose business location is in Phnom Srok Chrum, Kraing Thmor village, Meanchey commune, Phnom Sruoch district, Kampong Speu province. The company is a private limited liability company that has been granted a Certificate of Registration of the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia, No. 1625, Phnom Penh, dated February 25, 2014. Its registered business capital is A total of 13,669,212,000 (Thirteen thousand, six hundred sixty-nine million two hundred and twelve thousand Riels) Riels and patent cards Submit a tax identification number: 206-L001 48743 dated 15 October 2008, Kim Sin (Kim SooBoK collision), Chairman of the Board of ISO.
The reason why the project proposes to invest in a 25-hectare and 5.37 hectare stone project is the area where the plant and stockpiling company located in Phnom Srok Chum village, Kraing Thmor village, Meanchey commune, Phnom Sruoch district, Kompong Speu province. Investigating the potential of investment and contributing to the development of the mining sector as well as increasing Cambodia's economic status by paying taxes, providing employment opportunities to local people and supplying construction materials in the domestic market. And abroad.
The bulk of the company's bulldozers has cleared the bush and rocks or extracted the rocks by drilling the explosives to open the top of the rocks with wide openings to ease the operation. After the explosion, use a conveyor to the mouth of the tiger to grind and stock it in the cylinder to transport the stones to the twin machines to grind it into pieces and then take the rocks of different sizes according to each size And then roll the mortar for milling large stones and finally distribute the battery according to the size determined in the company's production plan. There are 3 types: type 1 battery. The battery x2. 4.. X6 and battery type M30.
Through an assessment of the size of the site, the location and the estimated amount of stone mineral resources, the project can guarantee production time about 28 years, calculated at 120 meters above sea level, and the total battery volume is 1,105,740 meters (M 3). The labor force for stone extraction process is 17 people, 3 of whom are foreigners and have special skills. For the plant, the company has eight types of technical specifications, such as excavators, drilling machines, generators, grinders, cranes, and gauges. For power demand, the company connects to the state power grid, which needs an average of 1,760 kilowatts per day, and has a generator of 910 volts for use when the network is out of state and has a seating machine. Also. For water use, the company uses two types of springs - the pit from previously used rock drilling - and it is a well-drained well drilling hole that the company has dug for use at the site and staff-workers. Also.